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New Year’s Train Ride

Today’s excursion takes us to picturesque Jim Thorpe, PA. Sometimes called the Switzerland of America, the town is named after…

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A Fiery Legacy

Today’s day trip takes us to Centralia, PA, or what remains of it. Once a booming coal town, Centralia sits…

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Road Trip to Acadia National Park and the White Mountains

As the leaves begin changing, every Northeasterner must embark on a pilgrimage to New England to observe the changing foliage….

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Steel Stacks at Dusk

Pennsylvania’s Other Steel City

The name Steel City usually stands for Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, once America’s largest steel producing city. But today’s quick road trip…

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Review: Western Catskills Getaway

In 2018, two entrepreneurs pitched an idea on Shark Tank but got no bites. The idea? Renting out tiny house…

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Henry Hudson's Springs

Quick Hike to Henry Hudson’s Springs

The Legend The site of Henry Hudson’s Springs is a curious little attraction in Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey. Legend has…

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This Philadelphia Landmark Might Soon Disappear

Now that quarantine is over and Pennsylvania is once again allowing out of state visitors, I did not want to…

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Rhyolite Mercantile

Last Call for this Nevada Ghost Town

Today’s road trip takes us to one of Nevada’s most visited and easily accessible ghost town, Rhyolite. Located west of Beatty, Nevada.

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Extraterrestrial Highway

Traveling the Extraterrestrial Highway

The Extraterrestrial Highway, or Nevada route 375, runs north of Las Vegas, between Crystal Springs on U.S. Route 93 and…

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Hollywood Sign

Can You Drive to the Hollywood Sign?

The Hollywood Sign is one of California’s most elusive landmarks. Originally a real estate billboard, there are many vantage points…

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