Fall into Reflection

September 29, 2021

Acadia National Park, Maine

I shot Fall into Reflection on the Otter Cover Causeway in Acadia National Park. Capturing reflections from the sun setting behind Cadillac Mountain had me come back to this spot several times. I needed the perfect amount of evening light without any wind. I was lucky that the near constant breeze from the Atlantic Ocean stopped blowing long enough to turn Otter Cove into a perfect mirror reflecting the fall evening’s glow. Read more about my road trip to Acadia National Park here.

Cloudy Shores

January 30, 2020

Laurence Harbor, New Jersey

Winter is a quiet time on the Jersey Shore, especially at this forgotten beach near Laurence Harbor. The air is crisp, and the wind is picking up. I am watching a sea of clouds move across the sky. In the midst of this, a solitary tree is standing still, sleeping. How many storms has it witnessed? Cloudy Shores pays tribute to this resilient tree.

All Aboard

January 1, 2021

Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania

Let’s go back to a time when travel did not mean dealing with security lines at airports or road rage on the interstate. Back to a time when the railroad was the lifeline of most American towns. All Aboard a train from a bygone era, when getting to your destination was part of the adventure. Sit back in a comfy seat with ample legroom and watch the scenery go by. You can read more about my journey on the Lehigh Gorge Scenic Railroad here.

End of the Line

June 1, 2021

Idaho Falls, Idaho

Tracks fading in the distance. Where do they go? If you started walking in the direction the camera is facing, you would end up in Silver Bow, Montana. Until recently, freight trains loaded with Idaho produce used to rattle straight through downtown Idaho Falls on these tracks. Now, this is End of the Line for the downtown branch. Gone are the days when you could watch a freight train pass right in front of the city library’s main entrance. Freight trains now bypass downtown, leaving these tracks abandoned and safe to photograph.

66 Motel

July 3, 2016

Needles, California

The postwar era brought us the Atomic Age and the Space Age. Service buildings from that era are unmistakable with their use of neon, glass, and streamlined geometric shapes. The sign for the 66 Motel in Needles, California is an early example of this post-modern Googie architecture. Established around 1946, the 66 Motel welcomed road travelers on Route 66 to California. Sadly, service buildings like motels, gas stations, or diners have a short service life, making this uniquely American architectural style slowly disappear. Read more about my road trip to Needles here.